The Heritage Experience IV - OKTOBERFEST

Mid Autumn Festival 2020

Our unique way to celebrate the festival with tarts and tea.

BGST X HOTM Human Flourishing Series

The Heritage Experience III

Urban Bites and House On The Moon are pleased to present a specially curated menu to showcase magnificent culinary heritage of Lebanon!

The Heritage Experience II - A Journey to Turkey

Turkey is well known for the city of Troy, the kingdom of the Muslim Ottomans and as a country with exquisite natural beauty. Between the fourth to the fifteen centuries, it was also part of the Roman Empire and a Christian nation with Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul) as the seat of regional power. Indeed it played a pivotal role in the development of the Christian faith and spirituality.


Participants of House on the Moon’s Heritage Experience II on the 4-course Turkish cuisine (available on 19th to 21st June) will be given a TED-style podcast by Dr Lai Pak Wah to explore the Christian legacy of Turkey and how it still affects the lives of Christians globally till this day. In addition, you will be invited to a live-zoom Q&A interaction with Dr Lai on 20th June 8pm to 9pm.


Dr Lai Pak Wah is Principal and Lecturer of Church History at BGST (Biblical Graduate School of Theology). Besides teaching courses in Christian history and spirituality, he also leads church history tours to Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the United Kingdom. Dr Lai completed his PhD at Durham University where he specialised in Christianity in Late Antiquity (the history, theology and spirituality of the 2nd - 5th century church fathers, also known as Patristic Studies).


Let's go on a culinary journey to Turkey with House On The Moon