The idea for House on the Moon (Dining.Dessert.Bar) was conceived in 2016 between multi-Michelin starred chef Juan Amador, his protégé Hüseyin Turan, David Marx (The Science Kitchen Berlin) and Lim Tai Toon. Following a 15-months pilot in Colombo from 2018, the international flagship was opened in Singapore’s newly-revamped Great World mall on 1st Feb 2020.


The Singapore flagship is helmed by chef Hüseyin who has now made Singapore his new home.


Our dining’s direction is modern-fusion based on pastry technique with “savoury-sweet” combination. For desserts, we offer our range of vintage pâtisserie (financier, madeleine, babka, canelé, panettone) as well as curating desserts from chefs who are recognized by the Michelin Guide.
Our range of Beverages & Tea
Our tea & beverages are specially blended by the tea master (Mindula Wijesinghe) from Sri Lanka. The tea is sourced from Mahambana estate situated in the southern part of Sri Lanka which is known for producing the best low-grown tea. The tea leaves are taken from a single estate (commonly known as garden fresh tea) and are all hand-picked where only the bud and the first two tender leaves are harvested. Our tea is 100% natural without any added preservatives or sugar. It is sweetened only with dried stevia leaves.


Our ice-cream recipes are part of the desserts we have curated. It is meant to be paired with the desserts or enjoyed as is in itself.

The enigmatic of the moon has always baffled us in awe. Imagine living in the cosmic space without weight and force, the spatial typology of anti-gravity and imbalance naturally surfaced. This is the thinking process that inspired the spatial design for House On The Moon.


It was devised as a space age architecture that is formed by fragmented objects from the cosmic world. Two shards punctuated into the duplex site resulting in a continuous connection between the two floors and onto a base which is core foothold of the design, therefore it formulated the main dining space on the lower level. Other random pieces behaved like floating objects around the dining space and upper floor which is designated as an extension of the core base.


The faceted form of the structures and fixtures depicts a bizarre nature of something foreign, further accentuated with lighting effects embedded into the surfaces which creates a mesmerizing spirit of mysteriousness.

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