HOUSE ON THE MOON curates desserts created by Michelin-starred chefs, ranging from interpretation of classic desserts to unique originals. These desserts are currently being served at their restaurants. In collaboration with a tea master, each dessert is paired with a specially blended tea made from single-estate Ceylon tea leaves.

Moon Walk

A work of plated art, the moon walk is our signature dessert! Conceptualized by Juan Amador and Hüseyin Turan specially for House on The Moon, it captures the essence of what we are all about. This is a dessert that will take your taste buds on an intergalactic trip!


Our signature dessert which flies you to the moon and lets you play among the stars

Black Forest

The black forest cake that originated in the late 17th century in the black forest region has gone on to become an iconic German dessert, with its combination of chocolate, cherries and cream. A limited edition special, House on the Moon’s take on this icon incorporates both classic and new elements. This dish was originally conceived at the 3- Michelin star “Restaurant Amador” in Mannheim, Germany.

A stony walk through the black forest

Kalea 65

The Kalea65 was a mistake made by the drunken Chef to bake some Cheesecake for an after party Dessert on Street 65 in Sri Lanka. A drunken mistake that turned out the best cheesecake in town.



A Cheesecake was never that creamy

Brick In The Wall

Originally conceived in Juan Amador’s restaurant in Mannheim, Germany, this dessert was inspired by the brick stone interior design of Michelin starred “Restaurant Amador” in Vienna. This dessert is an ode to our love of food and our love for Pink Floyd! It’s also one of Juan’s signature desserts at “Restaurant Amador”


Pink Floyd meets Amador

Tarte Tatin

A dessert that was first an accident! Tarte Tatin is said to have been created by Stephanie Tatin, who placed her apple pie upside down, thus creating this famous dessert. Our Tarte Tatin is a twist on this famous classic.

An apple pie that went topsy-turvy wrong but turned out so good.