We serve Red/White wine & Champagne
Special Handmade Gyoza by Chef
Miso Soup with Sesame
Bread with Nutbutter
Bread with Bell Pepper
Celebration Platter for the party
Degustation - Black Forest Set
Degustation - Moon Walk Set
Black Forest Dessert Set
Moon Walk Dessert Set
The Moon Walk inspired Ice Cream
The Black Forest inspired Ice Cream
The Kalea 65 inspired Ice Cream
Our Moon Walk takeaway
The Black Forest takeaway
The Kalea 65 takeaway
The Tarte Tatin takeaway
Our Head Chef and Assistant Head Chef
Our Head Chef and Tea Master
Our friendly team
Dessert Plating
Photo Shoot
Stars in the moon?
Close up?
Photo Shoot
Customer enjoying
Customer enjoying
Another close up on chef at work
Playful Chef
Chef at work
House On The Moon Dessert Bar & Retail