House On The Moon was initially launched as a dessert bar, but due to the pandemic which hit immediately after it opened in February 2020, chef Hüseyin introduced a collection of pastas and savoury dishes to respond to the exigence of the market.
From the 7th January 2022, House On The Moon returns to the eponymous dessert- dinning & bar vision to push the envelope of gastronomy and give diners a new perspective on desserts. The savoury a la carte menu will no longer be available; in its place are two “Haute.Dessert.Dining” sets – The Eclipse, comprising of 5 courses, and the Full Moon, comprising of 7 courses – featuring House On The Moon’s conceptual creations that promise to delight and surprise.

Head Chef/Co-Owner

Hüseyin Turan

House On The Moon is helmed by Head Chef Hüseyin Turan who also co-owns the establishment. A German of Turkish descent, chef Hüseyin worked under culinary greats such as multi-Michelin starred chef Juan Amador, chef Paco Torreblanca (one of the world’s most innovative pastry masters) and the traditionist chef Musa Dagdeviren. Over the years, chef Hüseyin learned and sharpened his culinary vision in Restaurant Bal D’onsera (Zaragosa, Spain), Café de Paris (Malaga, Spain), Restaurant Amador (Frankurt and Mannheim, Germany), Ciya Sofrasy (Istanbul, Turkey), Zuma (Istanbul, Turkey) and Zuma’s ROKA Oblix (London, UK). 


Pastry Chef-de-Partie


Winder is our Pastry Chef-de-Partie. She comes to us with experience in Australian and contemporary Italian cuisine. A first time mum, she balances her career with family time.



Our newest chef-on-the-block decided to rest his sailing feet to be a chef on land and joined us as a Chef-de-Partie. Cam is great at our hot kitchen and makes sure everything is cooked on point for you

Exclusive Interview