Our Team

Our dedicated team is ready to perform culinary magic for you, during your next visit to House On The Moon.

The idea for House On The Moon (Dessert.Dining.Bar) was conceived in 2016 between multi-Michelin starred chef Juan Amador, his protégé Hüseyin Turan, David Marx (The Science Kitchen Berlin) and restaurateur Lim Tai Toon.

Following a highly raved and successful 15-months pilot in Colombo from 2018,  the international flagship was opened in Singapore’s newly-revamped Great World Mall on 1st Feb 2020.

The Singapore flagship is helmed by chef Hüseyin who brings his impeccable sensibility of culinary finesse to the dishes he creates.

The dining philosophy at House On The Moon is that of modern-fusion, with a “savoury-sweet” basis. Together with internationally-acclaimed Michelin-starred chefs, Chef Hüseyin creates visually stunning and incredibly delicious desserts for everyone to enjoy

Our tea is specially blended by tea master Ms Mindula Wijesinghe. Using hand-picked tea leaves from a single estate of Mahambana in Sri Lanka, House On The Moon tea is 100% natural without any added preservatives or sugar, sweetened only with dried stevia leaves. For the health-conscious, our range of exceptional, all-natural kombucha tea is fermented in-house with unique and amazing fruity flavours.

Our dessert-inspired range of ice-creams recipes is meant to be paired with the desserts or enjoyed as is in itself.