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A picture worth a thousand words

The enigmatic of the moon has always baffled us in awe. Imagine living in the cosmic space without weight and force, the spatial typology of anti-gravity and imbalance naturally surfaced. This is the thinking process that inspired the spatial design for House On The Moon.

It was devised as a space age architecture that is formed by fragmented objects from the cosmic world. Two shards punctuated into the duplex site resulting in a continuous connection between the two floors and onto a base which is core foothold of the design, therefore it formulated the main dining space on the lower level. Other random pieces behaved like floating objects around the dining space and upper floor which is designated as an extension of the core base.

The faceted form of the structures and fixtures depicts a bizarre nature of something foreign, further accentuated with lighting effects embedded into the surfaces which creates a mesmerizing spirit of mysteriousness.