A découvrir absolument ! 

Absolutely worth discovering!

Absolutely fantastic food. Each dish was built around its own concept and the chef was pretty happy to talk about it. Even considering many of the dishes were inspired by things one would not normally eat, the execution was evocative, unique and delicious. The team was very accommodating to dietary restrictions upon request. Note the liquid pairing option includes both wine and tea and is not an either-or.

Portion size is a little small so this is not the place to stuff yourself, but highly recommended if you like art galleries that you can eat, think and talk about.

Vegetarian options: Default menu is vegetarian with add ons for meat eaters.

Dietary restrictions: Chef is accommodating and creative with dietary restrictions. Handled a no nuts/no prawns/no raw food meal with very effective substitutions.

Very memorable.

Dietary restrictions: Have options like non beef for example

One of the most unique and delicious gourmet experience you can find in singapore, and not too excessively expensive too! The staffs were all very accomodating and friendly and the headchef was very passionate about his creations. Especially love the main dish ‘Tree Bark Ravioli’ which has a very interesting presentation and amazing taste pairing. The only part shy from a full 5/5 is that the ambience is kind of exposed, so we could hear teenages laughing behind us in the shopping mall.
Other than that, highly recommended!!! Do bring your loved ones to this special treat!

amazing desserts. I dare say that it’s even better than some of the top end restaurants’. would want to go back and try their set menus.