Absolutely delicious small plates w great balance of Asian European flavours. The desserts were out of this world, and paired with their specially brewed teas. Presented like works of art. Please get out there and support the talented head chef Hüseyin Turan.

I tried the Spring menu today. As this is the third menu i’ve tried, I’ve noticed they’ve found the perfect balance in keeping their new dishes new, pleasantly surprising and innovative, but at the same time having signature elements that define a “house on the moon” experience.

Looking forward to their future creations!

PS. My favorites from the spring menu was the refreshing and savory garden of siam, the asparagus and chocolate soup that came with the flamkuchen and the prime of life dessert!

Thanks lady at the counter.
I wasn’t feeling well
She gave me a warm water without charging me

Singapore needs more places like this. Nuff said. Amazing inventions. It’s the sort that you eat and wish you didn’t need to go to work tmr and just chill.

Visited House on the Moon on the last day of February and ordered the Winter Set Menu. The dishes were fantastic and the addition of the beef cheeks in the tree bark ravioli was quite phenomenal. The desserts were a definite highlight of the menu. Not only were they aesthetically pleasing but they also tasted quite exquisite. The staff were very attentive and explained through each dish. Additionally, the staff were highly accommodating as I accidently booked a lunch session but was able to change to the dinner session and they also took into account the allergies I had. Would highly recommend this restaurant.

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