Very interesting and well-executed concept which infuses dessert elements into most courses! I was slightly apprehensive of the idea of a whole meal comprising desserts but the chefs incorporated them very well so that the combinations worked well without being jarring. It’s a fine dining experience in a more pared down setting but it’s much more interesting because it’s a completely open kitchen. You can see the chefs and staff preparing and plating the beautiful dishes right before your noses. Do note that if you really prefer savoury food, the dessert dining items might not be for you. But you can replace dessert components with savoury items like scallops and beef in some dishes.

House On The Moon blends the worlds of sweet & savoury perfectly with its tantalising selection on it’s menu. The attention to detail at crafting each dish was well showcased in an open kitchen concept. A perfect place for a date or for friends to hang out & have a taste of exquisite food out of the ordinary. Very memorable & recommended!

A very unique dining experience which surprised us. Amazed at how the chef and team manage to present their interpretation of dessert and food. Delicious food and drinks, with an unbelievably affordable price point. Will definitely be back!

Food is so exquisitely handcrafted until I can’t bear to eat them. Based on the quality of the food given this is definitely Value for money. Overall enjoyed the experience at House on the Moon, and before every dish was served, the chef will give an introduction of the dish, the true experience of fine dining

Not good with words Just 3 words “simply the best!”

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