One of the best meals we’ve ever had!

It was a birthday celebration. A memorable dining experience. Stellar culinary cooking techniques. Mind blowing, intriguing flavours and scrumptious food. Spectacular food presentation. Impeccable service. From our seating we saw food preparation. We spoke with Chef Huseyin. Please read about his overseas working experiences with reputable chefs on House On The Moon’s web site. Wine pairing and tea pairing was excellent. Tea is specially sourced from Sri Lanka and Gall. The menu is changed every quarterly. We will be back for their Winter Menu. We had The Merlion Restaurant Week Edition menu. 1st course: Bite Size – Fish Skin, Tuna Pork Floss, Supertree, Laksa, Tomato. Buah Keluak Butter & Mantou. We could taste the different food flavours. Buah Keluak butter was lip smacking. He had the wine pairing. It was a sparkling wine. 2nd course: M B S – Sallop, Cauliflower, Parsley. Delicious . Wine pairing was an Italian white wine. He liked this wine. 3d course: Langoustine Cappuccino – It was prepared under my nose. It made me hungry. 4th course: Not A Rojak – Beef cheek, Semolina, Pineapple, Tamarind. Succulent beef cheeks. Semolina dumplings was delicious. Wine pairing: An excellent German red wine. 5th course: Dessert: – Brick In The Wall – Infused Custard, Beetroot, Raspberry. A tangy taste to end my hearty lunch. Tea pairing: Chai masala tea – nice taste of the spices. His Dessert: Black Forest – Chocolate, Cherry, Mascarpone. It was lip smacking. Tea pairing: Chocolate & Cherry tea. I had technical issues uploading my photos, tried several times! Could not even upload one photo.
Had a lovely catch up with my dear friend. Decided to try this restaurant that promised dessert dining. The food lived up to the description. Each dish exquisitely plated and absolutely delicious. I really liked the open plan restaurant. The menu that we had was a special presentation as a tribute to the Merlion and local food. All the dishes had local inspired names, themes and taste. The only problem I felt was a let down was the location of the restaurant. The location does not do justice to the food. Located in an older mall it had a mish mash of teeny bopper shops. Really strange place to have fine dining food. It was noisy and the restaurant lacked the intimacy that the food deserved. All said and done I would probably go back just for the food. #maneklady #manekeats
Visually stunning dishes and beautifully presented. One of the items called “MBS” (scallop) was just to pretty to “destroy”. Staff were friendly and appear committed to their work, skillfully and patiently they prepared the dishes. A great dining experience at a lesser known mall in Singapore.
Food was really good here. We had the Merlion restaurant week menu and it was awesome Singapore flavours in nicely plated dishes. Looking forward to try their winter menu!

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