A unique dining approach. Creative and good food with lovely teas. Appreciate the good and friendly service from Chef Hüseyin and his team. It was an enjoyable experience!

Superb experience! I’m picky when it comes to this style of food and they got pretty much everything right. Textures and flavours are playing very well together. I wish they doubled as an ice cream shop as their sorbets, part of many dishes, are excellent. Drink pairing was a nice addition even though the wines were not mind blowing. Price level for this style is very attractive.

We had the eclipse tasting menu and absolutely loved it! The bread & butter is a must have add-on. They worked their magic and created this savory infused butter and it was delightful. We polished off the entire slab of butter with the cute sourdough slices. Every slice loaded with that flavorful butter.

We ended up cleaning up our plates before getting a good photo of every dish. The blue moon dessert was so refreshing and interesting.

We can’t wait to try the new tasting menu & new dessert creations in august!

I appreciate the attentive service from the team. Chef + team are approachable and take good care of us. Despite known for dessert, I thought they did amazing savoury dishes. Innovative, tasty and well-prepared. All dishes are beautifully plated as you can seen from the pics I posted. I did enjoyed the portion of each courses though my partner did feedback that he did like a bit more carbs possibly on the main dishes.
But overall – this is a great dining destination

Unique and pleasant dining experience

It was an unique experience to dine along the bar counter , looking at the chefs preparing our food! We were having the Chef’s signature series menu and we enjoyed all the dishes. Excellent services and well presented delicious meals, highly recommended! We will go back to try other new menu for sure.

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