Wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a dessert dining coursed menu but this turned out to be such a pleasant surprise. I’d expect a tonne of dessert to be “jelak” (overwhelming) on the palette but each dish was crafted to perfection and had the right balance of flavours. We ended up ordering an extra dessert each just because we were so fascinated and impressed with our experience.

The dining experience is other-worldly. True to what the menu says, it is a one-of-a-kind dessert-dining journey, where the sweet and tartness of the dish is brought to the forefront and savory takes a backseat. We were seated around the kitchen, where Chef Turan commands his team like the captain of a space vessel, and each dish was meticulously plated, presented and explained to us. While the ingredients are simple, the amount of preparation and technicality elevates them to another level. Though the portions seem small, honestly at the end of 7 courses, we were full and satisfied. Each dish blew my mind. Hard to pick a favorite, but our standouts were the Semolina Dumplings with Beef Cheeks, and the signature Cauliflower Couscous. Dat Umami Booster tho…(chef’s kiss). We highly recommend the Full Moon experience to get the maximum enjoyment, and will definitely be returning for another space-trip!

An Awesome experience! Each dish is an art. Will come back again!

Accessible fine dining fare

Having a house on the moon is as odd a concept as offering fine dining fare in a gamers’ mall. Square that off and you’ll be discover a technically sound repertoire with some of most splendid plating you’ll ever see. The entire design and construct is ingenious – the open kitchen concept with no glass door to demarcate mall from restaurant is strange but interesting. The equipment is also built for the curved kitchen concept – there is a sous chef who does the hot preps. 3-4 platers, all part of the assembly team – at the front who pull out curious containers and organisers of sorts with technically-difficult prepped pieces that would form the beautiful ensemble you see on your plate. It’s all flawlessly executed. None of the wipe-sweat-off-brow tensed kitchen scenes. It’s that well designed.

The concept of having desserts as part of your savoury courses – is brilliantly executed by chef Husyn who used to cut his teeth at the Michelin starred Juan Almador. Desserts are usually a savoury afterthought but now it is now weaved into the savoury narrative never quite the protagonist. The menu is kept trimmed so the entire woodworks are kept simple – another genius construct. Your tastebuds are so teased by elements that seem nothing like what they taste. There’s plenty of playful guessworks. This is one of the finest offerings – oddly – in a mall. All in all, the innovation is truly worthy of a visit. Even if it’s a gamer’s loft. #eatstylishtravelstylish

Amazing combination of excellent meals and beautiful presentation

Best kept secret. Who could guess that you can find such a fine dining in this location. I came here based on my friend’s recommendation…otherwise i never know the existence of this place. Price is affordable, service is excellent, meals are delicious and well presented with amazing combinations. I think they need to advertise more so people are aware about this place! Highly recommended!

Was trying eclipse menu today but will come back to try other dishes.

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