Highly underrated restaurant. Deserves much more recognition. Set dinner was excellent, desserts were amazing. Comparable or better than a few other Michelin starred restaurants. Wont be surprised if they earned a star soon.

Really great fine dining experience at a great price. Beautifully crafted desserts. Will come back for “Spring” menu starting in March!

Was around POMO area and chanced upon some friends at this House on the Moon restaurant. Was asked to join them for lunch.
Greatly surprised by the menu and selection.
Creativity meets authenticity as a dessert-themed restaurant.
Being a typical “Asian” who is accustomed to having staples like rice or noodles, I was convinced that with House on the Moon food, dessert can also be the main course and it satisfied the “Asian” palette of mine without the need to fill my “carbo” cravings afterwards!

Highly recommend!!!

About time Michelin or Bib Gourmand have a look at House on the Moon!

Dinner at House on the Moon.
Set dinner was booked with anticipation as we googled Chef Hüseyin Turan’s innovative pairing menu and plating creations. We were seated at the counter with full view of the entire team who put every ingredient nicely together with beautiful presentations. We were in awe with every dish that was served. The taste, plating, use of ingredients were fabulously executed. We were so overwhelmed and looking forward to his Spring menu which consists of mostly herbs.
Chef is very friendly and chatty who bothered to share his knowledge of ingredients and cooking techniques. Price for set menu @$88 is very reasonable and pairing of 3 types of wines only at $38. Would definitely return again maybe next month. I am Chef Huseyin’s number fan now.

I would like to say it is really a memorable dinning experience at House On The Moon! I had a Valentines’ dinner. The food is so tasty and creative. When I first looked at the menu, I felt it was impossible to combine those ingredients altogether for a dish. But I was wrong. It is amazing! I also like the open kitchen concept where everything is transparent and chief’s skill is perfect!

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