Pleasantly surprised by their food! The flavours are multi-dimensional and mind blowing! Chef and staff was very nice to explain all the dishes to us too! Definitely worth a try! Will be back for more!

I had their Eclipse set and every course was wonderfully-executed with balanced flavours. Good service and very reasonable pricing for the quality. My only gripe is with the decor and space. It would be better if they could shut out the noise in the mall and play more apt music. Reply to response: ‘Classier’ music that’s more befitting of the food, like jazz, new age, or classical? I’m not sure what the theme of your concept is to be honest. I understand changing the decor can be expensive, but more interesting lamps or table-top arrangements can help.

We had our first 7-course dessert dining ever and it was fantastic!! For the folks who’ve never heard of the dessert-dining concept before today, it’s a 5-course/7-course meal where the dessert is infused one way or another in each meal. Each plate had an exquisite plating and the combination of ingredients were selected to ensure harmony between them. It was a feast for the eyes and mouth. We thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes with special mention to the cauliflower couscous with scallops and the Black Forest and Moon Walk with tea pairing! The place has an open kitchen concept where you can see how each one of your meal gets prepared. Chef Huseyin and his team provided us with full attention and their service – impeccable. We’ll be back and will definitely recommend this place to our friends!

Went here to celebrate girlfriend’s birthday. Was surprised on how the food came out. Instead of it being just desserts, there was a touch of savoury to it and you can taste many different flavours in a single dish. They give warm and friendly gestures as well that makes the whole place an enjoyable and comfortable place to dine in! Would come back here again

Interesting dessert dining experienced. I recommend that Eclipse set menu you must try with scallop and beef cheeks.

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