Really tested my palate. Very enjoyable experience with so many different tastes running around. Would recommend to anyone to try

Mind blowing experience! Never thought this was what dessert dining meant! It’s unreal, had the eclipse course menu and it was amazing, the combination of sweet and savoury was intense and harmonious. Seriously y’all should try!

You really have to come down for yourself to experience for what they called “Dessert Dining” We tried the Eclipse from their menu & omg my fiancé and I were mind blown at every single dish. Every dish is the perfect balance of sweet and savoury & you can tell how much thought is put into creating each dish. I high recommend house on the moon. It’s not just food, it’s really a whole new level of dining experience.

2022 10months after my last visit for a full meal … I am impressed by the menu is seeking to outdo itself consistently. From the entreé to the end … I left once again…With my heart…Still hanging over the moon. 2021 I was over the moon after enjoying the first meal here. I was living in my own moon during desserts! And after a few visits, I feel like it is only right to share this experience with you, whoever is reading this. Go give it a try. When you aim for the moon, you WILL arrive at House On the Moon.

Very interesting and well-executed concept which infuses dessert elements into most courses! I was slightly apprehensive of the idea of a whole meal comprising desserts but the chefs incorporated them very well so that the combinations worked well without being jarring. It’s a fine dining experience in a more pared down setting but it’s much more interesting because it’s a completely open kitchen. You can see the chefs and staff preparing and plating the beautiful dishes right before your noses. Do note that if you really prefer savoury food, the dessert dining items might not be for you. But you can replace dessert components with savoury items like scallops and beef in some dishes.

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