Thank you to house of the moon for the mouthwatering food, exquisite plating and friendly service! Highly recommend sitting by the bar so that you can have an intimate experience with the chef, getting a detail explanation of each dish and also being in the prime spot to watch them in action. Personal favourite will have to be the cauliflower couscous with scallop and blue moon dessert! Will definitely be back soon 🙂

If you like gastronomy, this is the place. Not only good for eye but satisfying too . For this type of food . Price is affordable.

Chef’s Special dessert Love it together with it’s tea pairing of Jasmine Tea.

Went there for plated desserts. Not disappointed. Paired with tea, elevating the whole experience. Sat in front of chefs as they prepare. Lovely.

We really like the well-balanced mix of savoury and sweet flavors from all the dishes. Surprisingly filling too after adding the bread & butter, which is really good even on its own. We had a nice conversation with the chef and staff during our meal as well. Will visit again!

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