An intimate and cosy setting with the chef and his team on full display. It is amazing to see the team creating the work of art right in front of you. A perfect balance between sweet and savoury tones. I love the new menu concept. If you like to try something unique with finesse, this is the place to go to!

the dessert dining experience was great, the food and the chefs were all fantastic, highly recommended!

We had an amazing dining experience at this unique dessert-dining bar! Got the $38++ set with all the add-ons and I loved the Moonwalk tea pairing so much I had to buy the tea to brew at home myself. At this price point, it’s not easy to find something on par in terms of food & service in Singapore, so I would highly recommend people to give it a try

Super interesting dessert dining concept. Fine dining levels of quality, service and effort for a very reasonable price.

Where should I begin with? Hands down the best so called “DESSERT DINING” experience in my life and 5 stars for the Chef and his team. I had lots of dessert set menus at trending restaurants and Dessert Bars in Singapore, and I always ended up having a sugar high. This time it was different. We got some savory flavor explosions as snacks and a tomato-compound butter with sourdough to start with. The following desserts were not only sweet-savory, but also complex and packed with refreshing flavor combinations like hazelnut&tarragon or cauliflower with orange&almond. We will for sure come back.

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