I was over the moon after enjoying the first meal here. I was living in my own moon during desserts! And after a few visits, I feel like it is only right to share this experience with you, whoever is reading this. Go give it a try. When you aim for the moon, you WILL arrive at House On the Moon.

This restaurant, the food, and the chef are highly underrated. The dishes are whipped up on the spot right in front of you, and they taste absolutely superb. Head Chef Hüseyin Turan is one of the most talented chefs to have crossed Singapore’s shores. His desserts are truly outstanding. Tried their signature dessert Moon Walk as well as Black Forest. For someone who doesn’t like coconut or yogurt much or at all, Moon Walk was super delicious and I finished every bit on the plate. The Black Forest dessert was amazing as well, and a definite must for chocolate lovers. The team makes the desserts in front of you, and it makes for a great interactive experience. Dessert comes with a tea pairing if you want, and I have to say it elevates and rounds off the whole meal very well. Will definitely go back, and often!

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