Visiting from the US and am so glad I came here. The food was amazing (especially the langoustine cappuccino) and the service was top notch!

I had the “Lion City” menu for dinner. The food was amazing. Every dish is different, and beautifully put together, both in taste and in aesthetics. Each dish was beautifully presented, and every taste complimented each other. I could watch the chef create each dish, and the server explains the ingredients. It was a full dining experience – from the traditional appetizer, to soup, to main dish, to dessert. An amazing dining experience! They pair the dishes with wine too, but i did not do that this time. Instead i had a delicious tea. The meal was very satisfying! They change their menu every 3 months. Can’t wait to see the next creation!

Outstanding, inventive food.

Superb desserts and tea pairings! Absolutely delicious and a must visit. Loved the recommendations of the staff and the dessert plating was beautiful.

Had the National Day 7 Course Lion City Set. Interesting dessert dining concept. Chef and his team was able to replicate the taste of popular local food and plate them according to iconic attractions in Marina Bay Area.
Smorgasbord of flavours in every course. We enjoyed all of them.
One of the highlights for me would be the Legend of the Green Crab.
Not a huge fan of celery but I actually like the chilled crab celery gazpacho.
I’ve had quite a few Gazpachos but non has this cool and refreshing zest.
On hindsight, should have asked them to empty the entire contents from the small porcelain pot.
Truly an unique and pleasant experience presented by a young and friendly team.

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