Huseyin and his team are amazing!!! The flavour of the food and its presentation is out of this World!!! I would say minimum 2 Michelin stars from my perspective. An experience Not to be Missed!!!

Definitely must come for my taste and Dinning experience. Enjoys a million and will come again as their dish is base on season and will change from time to time.

This is our second time visiting House On The Moon and it is never boring as the menu is different each time.

We had the Spring Breeze menu. Each dish was executed very well with many different tasting notes. The dishes were light enough to bring out the individual flavours. My favourites were The Awakening of Spring and the Spring Fever with the chocolate asparagus soup.

Shout out to the head chef – Huseyin Turan. We had a lovely chat with him at the end of the meal as he shared his previous culinary experiences with us.

Looking forward to coming back again.

Everyday dish was well executed and delicious. Modern European with a hint of Asian influence. Service was swift and attentive. For the price paid. Value was at the utmost peak! Recommended experience!

Wonderful blend of flavours which left us pretty damn satisfied.

Dishes were beautifully plated with such finesse.

Chef Hüseyin Turan and team were damn good hospitable.

Chef was kind enough to share with us some information on how the Iberica Pork are organically grown and fed nuts, which leads to their meat being a bit nutty in taste.

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