Seasonal menu by the Chef Huseyin that changes every 3 months. Had an amazing time with the family. Food was innovative and most importantly super tasty! Service was also top notch. Highly recommended.

Amazing and fun dining experience! Chef H and the team really took the time to entertain us. Highly recommended

House On The Moon has some truly stellar options, I was completely blown away by their Moonwalk dessert, every component on the plate was well thought out and executed with precision. Each element compliments the other perfectly and the result is a wonderfully balanced and sublime dining experience by a passionate chef that first and foremost has the diner’s experience in mind. Considerate cooking!

From the fragrance of the coconut to the smooth slightly tart ice cream. I enjoyed every bite! They have this concept where a tea is paired alongside a dessert of choice and the tea does an amazing job of accentuating the dessert, really wonderful, the teas themselves are remarkably complex as well, for the tea that was served with, “Moonwalk” it had a very subtle coconut aroma present. individually both the tea and the dessert are exceptional, but together they really elevate the experience into something that’s rather hard to put into words. Try for yourself!

I dropped by again to purchase their tarts to try and I’m glad that I did. Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures because I was too excited to eat them… Nor do I remember their names exactly. But!

They had this tart with a matcha top and a delicate cream underneath adorned with orange segments inside (it had, “Kyoto” in the name)

A lychee and yuzu tart (summer in Japan, I think?)

A mint chocolate dessert, (After eight I think it was called) I usually really dislike mint but this was an exception

Best tarts I’ve ever had, hands down. From the texture of the pastry to the smooth consistency of the mousse and the fragrance of the fruits included in their respective tarts.

For the items that I have tasted. They were a delicious, cohesive, and harmonious experience. It also satisfied my personal preference of not being overly sweet, usually when that happens, the sweetness takes center stage and the flavours get drummed out, becoming an afterthought.

I’ll be back!

Edit: Better articulated my thoughts and corrected the grammar.

Totally love the food!!! First restaurant choice to start our restaurant week lunch.. it’s setting a very high standard for the rest to come, love the spring menu.. thoughtful menu..
The menu is very simple theme on four seasons . This season is Spring :
And will last for a quarter. We ordered the basic set . The courses are very well balanced in a few savoury appetisers, a fusion main course and their Michelin dessert pairings with different teas . The presentations are very pleasant with colours of spring , the ingredients are fresh , well prepared with perfect matching sauces .
I must say The chef is a great fantastic architect to the menu , the courses bring us an experience of roaming around the globe in spring All of them not only appealing to our eyes , but also surprises our taste buds and senses . A Very unique and satisfying meal.

House on the moon – A must try restaurant and highly recommended If you want to impress your guests or friends , or celebrate an occasion.

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