Definitely Worth A Visit

Just had an interesting dinner here, where Chef Huseyin Turan’s concept on dessert dining results in the sweet elements of desserts being introduced as part of savory courses way earlier in your dining experience.

The appetizer was a charcoal pastry filled with avocado cream, as well as their version of a buckwheat filled tuna cerviche kwei pie tee – both delightful. The second course featured a red shiso sorbet with pickled sea lettuce and a scallop.

The umami booster was a tea brewed from mushrooms served with ginger n sesame oil – a very comforting drink filled with flavour.

The mains of beef cheeks were okay, though the texture was a tad mushy. But it went well with semolina dumplings mole and cherries.

Dessert was a deconstructed Moonwalk of yogurt, nutbutter and coconut with coconut cream tea, as well as Brick In The Wall, a Lego brick of infused custard with beetroot, which provided a tasty and earthy contrast to the sweetness of raspberry. It was served a chai Masala.

His team works like a well oiled machine, creating delightful and beautiful plates of food – utilizing advanced techniques – that are well balanced and are a feast for the eyes and stomach.

The eatery is a hidden gem off the hidden path, being inside a mall filled with gamer’s hangouts, a karoake joint, a Korean supermarket and shops targeted at the student and younger crowd.

Do come by and give them a try.

I’d say the hype is real except there is no hype, just a lot of fun. If you don’t enjoy being surprised with flavours, don’t bother. The palate is mature, flavours deep and playful, execution is challenging but bold. Service was good. Personally it was a 5-star dining experience, it won’t be for everyone, but definitely one for the foodie explorer.

Great value for money tasting menu and desserts! Only place you’d find $30ish tasting menus, I think. Food served is more on the sweet end, but also refreshing. The menu changes every 3 months, definitely recommended.

Lovely staff, lovely dessert and the loveliest chocolate gelato I have ever had.

Over the moon to be able to enjoy aesthetically pleasing and thoughtfully curated desserts. Flawless execution and simply delicious. It was indeed a feast for the senses. Impeccable service and cosy ambience.

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