Amazing combination of excellent meals and beautiful presentation

Best kept secret. Who could guess that you can find such a fine dining in this location. I came here based on my friend’s recommendation…otherwise i never know the existence of this place. Price is affordable, service is excellent, meals are delicious and well presented with amazing combinations. I think they need to advertise more so people are aware about this place! Highly recommended!

Was trying eclipse menu today but will come back to try other dishes.

Interesting experience. Presentation is on point. The staff are friendly and very accommodating. Could do with slightly larger portions to make slightly more filling. You probably will need to eat something else later. But almost all dishes are delicious. All of us had a great time. A unique experience worth a try.

Friendly staff and chef. Desserts are innovative and nice. Desserts are paired with tea. Worth a try!

Had such an out of the world experience at House On The Moon. Each plate is a work of art not just in its presentation, but also in how each component of every dish is thoughtfully selected to make sure every bite is a pleasant surprise that would leave you wanting more. The photos don’t do the dishes and the restaurant justice since a huge part of the experience is to be able to watch the chef and his team prepare the food right in front of you and experience their top-notch hospitality.

Moonwalk is yummy. It has bits of yoghurt, crunchy speculoos and white chocolate. For $25, it’s not a lot of dessert though. I might come back once in a blue moon!

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