An eclectic collection of East meets West Fusion cuisine. Combining cooking techniques and flavours of Popular Asian and Western Food.

Pasta at House On The Moon, are lovingly handmade and superbly produced in-house from scratch. We take pasta-making to the next level by combining innovative ingredients like cocoa. Discover the art of our pasta-making process and savour our divine pasta dishes today.


House On the Moon Pasta are handmade using finely grounded Italian flour. Cocoa powder is added to the pasta dough to give it a distinct flavour and colour. Every pasta dish comes with egg and cocoa pasta handcrafted to the desired thickness and length. Choose from a selection of Asian inspired taste like beef cheek chilli crab, scallop laksa pesto, bak chor, muru kai tokyo mee or go with the classic beef cheek nougat or beef cheek stroganoff. We even have a vegetarian dish for those who do not take meat.


Barramundi . Lemon . Chilli

We use the locally farmed Kühlbarra barramundi which is rich in omega-3 fatty acid.

The fish is first sous vide then blow torch to give it a nice sear to render the fats and retain its flavour. It is then served with seaweed salad and lemon & chilli house sauce.



House On The Moon offers a fruity version Gazpacho. A cold healthy soup originating from Andalusia, Spain. It is usually served in summer when the weather is hot.


We also have smoked duck gyoza, wrapped in Japanese gyoza wrappers. Japanese Gyoza Wrappers ae very thin and delicate compared to the Chinese. Our gyoza are exclusively handmade by our chef. A vegetarian version is also available


We offer a variety of spread like hummus, muhammara and romesco for bread. All spreads are inhouse made with fresh ingredient.